Adolescent Strength and Core

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adolescent pilates


Malvern East Physiotherapy has introduced our physiotherapist designed and run classes in a supportive and fun environment for adolescents and teenagers.

Our Adolescent Strength and Core classes will benefit those with:

  • Poor postural habits
  • Spend regular time on laptops, phones or tablet devices
  • Recurrent injuries in their chosen sport
  • Poor or limited flexibility
  • Problematic knees or ankles
  • Keen to improve strength and prevent injury for the upcoming season

Adolescent strength and core

Developing and maintaining good posture, flexibility and strength in growing children and adolescents is important for good health.  Early identification and exercises to address postural behaviour have been shown to lead to good lifetime habits.

Our physiotherapist’s will assist your child to understand how their body works and the importance of posture, core strength and flexibility.   Each participant will undergo an individual assessment to tailor an individualised exercise program specifically for your child.

Classes will have a maximum of four participants and will combine use of general strength training in addition to Clinical Pilates and core strength exercises.  Prescription of home exercises will be provided to ensure healthy habits can be continued at home and in the future.

Our Adolescent Strength and Core Classes are claimable on physiotherapy extras cover.

To learn more about our Adolescent Strength and Core Classes or book your initial assessment, call 9571 6888.


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