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Are you tired of getting injured when you exercise?  Exercising regularly but not getting your desired results?  Have you hit a plateau with your gym program?  Functional fitness is crucial to being able to reach your peak without getting injured!  Let us help you reach your Peak!

What is Peak?

Reach your peak and stay stronger for longer.  Malvern East Physiotherapy has launched our comprehensive functional fitness and strength program specifically designed by your physiotherapist.  Perform two 40-minute full body, safe workouts each week.  Each program is specifically designed and supervised to allow you to move with ease, efficiency and no pain.  Four unique programs ensure that all functional movement patterns are exercised but still provide regular challenge and variety.


Why Peak?

  • Full body and comprehensive strengthening.
  • Comprehensive assessment and strengthening.
  • Tailored for the individual.
  • Keiser equipment and technology.
  • Safe, low impact exercise.
  • High variety of exercises – bust boredom!
  • Improve muscle strength, bone density, tendon health.
  • Reduce pain, increase exercise tolerance, help regulate blood sugar levels.

When is Peak?


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


7:20 am 6:40 am 6: 40 am
7:20 am 7:20 am 7:20 am 7:20 am
 9:20 am 8:40 am

Every session is supervised and run by your physiotherapist.  Classes are limited to four participants.


How do I get started?

Over two individual appointments, your physiotherapist will assess your movement patterns and get you started towards your Peak.  For your first Peak appointment, wear comfortable clothing and bring along a drink bottle and towel.

You’ll receive a functional assessment and report to show you have far you’ve climbed.

Call us today or book online to start towards your Peak.

What does Peak cost?

Each class is $50 if you pay as you go.  However, we have two memberships available – Basecamp and Elevation.  As each individual assessment and class is conducted by our physiotherapist, rebates with private health insurance extras may apply.  We recommend at minimum an 8 week commitment to reach your Peak, we have no lock in contracts, you can cancel at any time by simply letting us know by emailing us at

Peak Membership Options

What happens after 8 weeks?

After 8 weeks, your physiotherapist will assess

What if I miss a session?

We know that things happen.  Our memberships are strictly limited to allow you to attend alternate classes if you have missed a session.  Just let us know and our team will find you a suitable spot.  As each of our sessions offer a range of total body exercises, our physiotherapists will ensure you can exercise safely and with variety.

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