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Do you forget how to do your exercises?  Forgot how many sets or repetitions you were meant to do today?  Can’t read your physio’s writing or understand their stick figure drawings?

At Malvern East Physiotherapy we pride ourselves in offering our patients the latest technologies to help you achieve your outcomes. To create your tailored exercise programs we use a brand new app called PhysiApp.  PhysiApp lets you complete your prescribed exercise program by following crystal-clear, narrated exercise videos. PhysiApp is completely free to download from the App store and Google Play store or can be accessed via your browser.

Not only does PhysiApp assist to remember your exercises, it can even provide reminders help you keep active and injury free!  PhysiApp allows you to provide real time and up-to date information to your physiotherapist so we can assist you at each step of your recovery.

Your physiotherapist at Malvern East Physiotherapy will provide you with your unique code which will provide you with your prescribed and individualised exercise program.


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